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Black Seed Oil


  • Black Seed Oil

    Black Seed Oil


    Organic Black Seed Oil: A Timeless Elixir of Health Benefits and Rich Nutrition with a Historical Legacy

    -Nigella Sativa Oil-

    Discover the incredible benefits of our Organic Black Seed Oil, a true elixir of health and vitality brought to you by Farmeks, a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium organic products. Sourced from carefully nurtured Nigella Sativa Seeds in Turkey, our black seed oil is renowned for its exceptional quality, rich flavor, and potent nutritional content.

    Dating back thousands of years, black seed oil, also known as Nigella Sativa or Black Cumin Seed Oil, has been cherished by ancient civilizations for its remarkable health properties. From Egypt to India, it's been used as a traditional remedy for overall well-being.

    Our Organic Black Seed Oil is pure, unrefined, and cold-pressed, ensuring it retains all its natural goodness, just like it did in ancient times. Whether you prefer it filtered or unfiltered, we offer flexibility to meet your needs.

    We take pride in maintaining rigorous quality control measures, backed by our BRC certification, ensuring you receive a product of the highest standard. Its versatility extends beyond the kitchen, finding its way into cosmetics too.

    From enhancing the flavor of dishes to nourishing skin and hair, Organic Black Seed Oil has gained popularity across various industries. It's a favorite among health-conscious consumers seeking natural, sustainable options.

    Elevate your offerings with our premium Organic Black Seed Oil. Reach out to us for wholesale bulk orders and experience the excellence of nature's bounty at Embrace the richness of our organic black seed oil, whether in your favorite recipes or beauty routines, and treat yourself to centuries-old well-being traditions

    ORIGIN: Turkey
    CERTIFICATES: Our black seed oil is certified organic according to EU and NOP/USDA standards. Processed in our BRC certified facility.
    PACKAGING: 190 kg drums and 25 kg barrels. According to the customer requests, we can offer different packaging solutions. 
    STORAGE: It should be kept in cool and dry conditions. 

    • Ingredients: Organic Black Seed Oil
    • Typical Fatty Acid Profile %
    • Palmitic Acid 5,0 – 15,0
    • Stearic Acid Max. 4
    • Oleic Acid 23,0-45,0 
    • Linoleic Acid 45,0-60,0
    • Linolenic Acid 0.1-1
    • Arachidic Acid Max. 1,5