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Black Mulberries


  • Black Mulberries
  • Black Mulberries
    • Black Mulberries
    • Black Mulberries

    Black Mulberries



    Elevate your business offerings with our exquisite Organic Dried Black Mulberries from Farmeks. Sourced from organic farms, these premium mulberries are a perfect addition to your product line. Carefully harvested at peak ripeness and expertly sun-dried, our Organic Dried Black Mulberries are sure to impress your customers and enhance your brand reputation.

    Crafted with a commitment to organic excellence, these mulberries are cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides or GMOs. As a result, you can confidently provide your customers with a natural and wholesome product, meeting the growing demand for organic and sustainable options.

    Delight your customers with the irresistible taste and unique texture of our Organic Dried Black Mulberries. These plump and naturally sweet berries can be incorporated into a diverse range of products, including cereals, trail mixes, baked goods, and snack bars. Their rich flavor profile and chewy texture add depth and sophistication to your creations, setting your brand apart from competitors.

    Our Organic Dried Black Mulberries not only tantalize taste buds but also offer impressive nutritional benefits. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, they align with the preferences of health-conscious consumers. By featuring our premium mulberries in your product line, you can cater to the increasing demand for wholesome and nutrient-rich ingredients.

    Farmeks prioritizes quality and reliability for businesses like yours. Our Organic Dried Black Mulberries undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring consistent excellence. We offer flexible packaging options and bulk quantities, allowing you to optimize inventory management and meet the unique needs of your business.

    Embrace the opportunity to elevate your brand and captivate your customers with our Organic Dried Black Mulberries. Partner with Farmeks to deliver an exceptional product that reflects your commitment to organic integrity. Stand out in the market, impress your clientele, and foster long-term success with our premium Organic Dried Black Mulberries.

    ORIGIN: Turkey
    CERTIFICATES: Our mulberries are certified organic according to EU and NOP/USDA standards. They are processed in our BRC A+ certified facility.
    PACKAGING: Standard packing is 6 kg carton boxes. According to the customer requests, we can offer different packaging solutions. 
    STORAGE: They should be kept in cool and dry conditions between 0 -10 CO.

    • Ingredients: Organic Dried Black Mulberries
    • Nutritional Table (Typical Values per 100g):
    • Energy 241 kcal / 1008 kJ
    • Protein 8.6 g
    • Carbohydrates 62.4 g
    • Of which sugars 28.5 g
    • Fiber 7.2 g
    • Fat 1.53 g
    • Sodium 0.03 mg